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Portrayed by Sam Hennings

Name: Charlie "Whitehead" White

Rank: Detective

Age: ?

B-Day: ?

First apperance: "Its Alright Mama" Ep.1

Last: "The Feud" Ep. 20

Family: Ana Maria (Wife)

Detective Charlie Whitehead White is a veteran police detective for the MPD with 20 years under his belt. He is a bad shot but claims to do better with a revolver. He is try out for Lt. but after Episode #13 "Lost" the matter was not mentioned again. He has a wife and has an age would suggest he has grand kids or kids. It says that in the episode "The Things we Carry" he went to a movie theater and saw a sex scene he which gave him idea to do with his wife. White tries to sound tough so in "One Night of Sin" Lt. Tanya Rice suspends him when he starts a rumor he's having an affair with a CI. Though was cleared. His mother worked as a maid in a mansion and he later grew up in the Florida Keys before moving to Memphis. He also once had a crush on a girl named Claire Waters but he has no romantic feelings for her any more.While living in a mansion with his wife he hated the mansion's owner but found out that the man actually helped them. In "Ten Little Memphians" where he and Dwight got a locked house mystrey the vic: David Archer. Was a little kid while Whithead lived there always following him around and ruining his chances with girls. He also admits to smoking pot while in high school but stopped when he got into law enforcement.

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