Portrayed by Jason Lee

Name: Dwight Hendricks

Rank: Detective

Age: 39

Birthday:July 3, 1972

First Apperance: "Its Alright Mama" Ep. 1

Last Apperance: "The Feud" Ep. 20

Det. Dwight Hendricks is a police investigator

for the Memphis Police Department's General Assignment. Dwight's father was a decorated cop who was murdered by a man on pot named Tim Mason. Mason went to Angola State Penitentiary closest super max to Memphis. Dwight sings on the side most likely for fun. He doesn't like his mother's ex- boyfriend Tony Blew. (Who was later arrested for embezzlement)! Dwight has a loose investigation style. When he was a kid he sang in his church quire and he also is fluent in Spanish. Dwight is calls himself the "Keeper of Memphis". He's a gigantic mama's boy, he loves Elivs, and he is very in touch with Memphis's history and its people. His badge number is #81432. See "Body Of Evidence" Episode 17. Dwight has many connections throughout Memphis. He has informants and contacts on Memphis' Haitian community. Dwight admittied he left his church because he asked God why his daddy was killed a week before his retiremnt and never got an answer. At the end of the episode he's seen singing in the a church.

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