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Portrayed by Celia Weston

Name: Paula Ann Hendricks

Rank: None

Age: ?

Birthday: ?

Family: Dwight Hendricks (son), Beau Hendricks (husband deceased), Tony Blew (ex- boyfriend)

First Apperance: "Its Alright Mama" Ep. 1

Last: "The Feud" Ep. 20

Paula Ann Hendricks is the single mother of Det. Dwight Hendricks. She was married to a cop named Beau Hendricks until he was killed in the line of duty. She also knew he took money but never spent it. She also never told Dwight until "The Things we Carry". She started dating a new neightbor named Tony Blew. She almost became his wife in "Don't be so Cruel". In "Identity Crisis" they broke up. When Tony learned about a warrant for his arrest in Arizona for embezzlement.

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