Portrayed by: DJ Qualls

Name: Davey Sutton

Rank: Patrol Officer

Age: ?

Birthday: ?

Family: Speaz (crush), Willy (brother: Deceased)

First Apperance: "Its Alright Mama" Ep.1

Last: "The Feud" Ep. 20

Officer Davey Sutton is a new officer for the MPD. He once went undercover in "Polk Salad Annie" as a ladies man to prove a woman tried to kill her BBQ King Brother, Red Jones. During which, he mentioned an older brother, Willy who he hated because he was better than him. He wished he would go away but the next morning he died due to a tractor accident. He also mentioned being born in Arkansas. In the same episode Dwight and Lt. Rice says one day he'll be a good detective. In "Run On" a John Doe with similarities to him died and he looked up a former crush from 5th grade. Though it turned out to be her MOTHER! He also had a crush on a bank investigator assisting the squad in an identy theft case in "Identity Crisis". He is most likeley the youngest in the entire cast and the show. Sutton is also a very good talker when it comes to calming people down. Like in "Polk Salad Annie" and a suicidal jumper named Mr. Houston in "Love her Tender".

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