Sgt jc lightfoot
Portrayed by: Abraham Benrubi

Name: Sgt. Jody "JC" Lightfoot

Rank: Sergeant (Desk)

Family: Mary (Wife)

Age: 40

Birthday: June 22, 1970

First Apperance: "It's Alright Mama" Ep. 1

Last: "I want to be Free" Ep. 10

Sgt. JC Lightfoot is the teddy bear desk sergeant of the Memphis Police Department's 7th Precinct (General Assighment Division). Sgt. Lightfootis only 1/16 Cherickee Indian but has many cultures. Includig his guilty by not going into the woods naked for three days! Sgt. Lightfoot once had to arrest his wife for stabbing him! Sgt. Lightfoot only lasted barley episodes in the first season. (Absent in "Run On", "Don't be so Cruel").

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